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The expertise of our company and its staff has roots back into the middle 70th in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, South-Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, to where large scale industrial plants were delivered, incl. technology transfer for naval and merchant shipping.

Today, we focus on project development, engineering, technology transfer, service/maintenance and related vocational training in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia,  covering the wide interlinked areas of 

"Sea - Security - Environment"

We serve governmental departments only! Due to the nature of our business, almost all of our projects require an export licecense!

Our company is headquartered in the direct metropolitan area of Hamburg/Germany, the European heartbeat of maritime technology, providing unique performances related our scope of services.


MCZ - RES Technologies Ltd., Hanoi - S.R. Vietnam

Scientific advisor for Oceanography and Coastal Research:

Dr. Friedhelm Schröder, Institute of Coastal Research - HELMHOLTZ Zentrum Geesthacht

Hamburg - Landungsbrücken



Hanoi - Westlake
Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Twin Towers