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Satellite communication and monitoring technology -            

EEZ maritime enforcement

A professionell and efficient coastal monitoring system requires an advanced and well designed satellite communication system. In order to optimize the surveillance in the EEZ, the satellite communication system requires additional unique, classified features, meeting the ambitious requirements  of National Security Agencies/Homeland Security Departments.


That refers in particular to

- illegal fishing in the EEZs

    - search and rescue operations

        - weapon smuggling

            - human traffiking

                - sea polluters

                    - criminals, using the EEZ and coastal waters as their preferred place of activities.

Together with our technology partners for National Security applications,  we configure and implement tailor made systems as follows:

  • TSMS – Tactical Satellite Monitoring for Thuraya, iSatPhone or Inmarsat
  • Strategic iSatPhone Pro/2 Monitoring
  • Strategic Monitoring Thuraya 2+3,. incl. Thuraya IP
  • Intercepting the uplink and downlink of suspect’s Thuraya phone
  • Additional Thuraya-IP monitoring intercepts high-speed data communication
  • Strategic VSAT Monitoring (iDirect, Hughes, Gilat and others)
  • ASPA - Automatic Signal & Protocol Analyzer for VSAT
  • Monitoring and fusion centers for all kind of maritime applications, incl. AIS, all radar technologies etc.)

EEZ Maritime Enforcement  

Without a well trained and professionally equipped Maritime Enforcement Agency/Maritime SWAT, a coastal surveillance system is like a "toothless tiger", despite involving state-of-the-art technology.

Together with highly qualified and experienced international partners, we offer consultancy services to optimize the skill and performance of Maritime Enforcement Agencies/SWATs in terms of training, technology, tactics and logistics.


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