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Sensor based environmental coastal monitoring

With more than 150 containerized, sensor based air- and water monitoring stations in Vietnam and abt. another 100 in ASEAN, Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH is by far the dominat technology supplier in that field in Asia.

MCZ's water monitoring containers are used to monitor the water quality in waste water treatment plants, lakes, rivers amd in particular at the mouth of rivers, merging into the sea.

In combination with HELZEL's HF radar systems along the shore, MCZ technology and their developed DAS-software deliver relevant data about  water quality in a real time scenario,  providing a powerful decision tool for the  authorities to act fast and implement counter measures professionally in the event of an environmental pollution.

With our associates in Vietnam, MCZ-RES Technologies Ltd, we configure, install and do maintainance for the entire systems, made by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH.

Latest innovative technology by MCZ for maritime applications:

 The "ELECTRONIC NOSE" (WT1), a new and unique monitoring technology for maritime applications  (seaports, oil and gas rigs,  maintenance/repair on vessels etc.) 

IOMS (Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems) or Electronic Nose are sensor arrays to provide continuous, real-time & online monitoring of chemical and physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, gases, noise, odours, particles, light, vibration and pressure.

State-of-the-art sensors like MOS, electro-chemical (EC), PID, NDIR or Particle sensor gives indicative values (R² > 0,85) and allows correlation to dynamic olfactometry according to EN 13725 by using cloud-based software algorithm and artificial intelligence (AI).

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