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SMART Vessel Traffic Management Systems (S-VTMS)

Worldwide, about 100,000 merchant vessels transport 90% of all goods traded internationally via approx. 1,000 seaports worldwide.

That involves a gigantic chain of logistics in the sea, the ports and the onshore linked infrastructure to the ports, such as railways, streets, airports and inland waterways.

However, an isolated approach to VTMS alone does not meet today's market requirements, in particular under the aspect of reduction of transport time and efficiency. 

And efficiency in VTMS means most of all: 

Tremendous reduction of environmental impact, the TOP ISSUE today under the aspect of CLIMATE CHANGE and CARBON FOOTPRINT. 

This is the philosophy behind SMART Vessel Traffic Management Systems (S-VTMS).

Due to their unique SMART approach to the entire chain of VTMS  and subsequent onshore management systems for all kind of transport technologies, we include INNOVATIVE NAVIGATION GmbH  for coastal surveillance projects for

- Radar Video Processing

   - AIS Networks

       - Data Processing

         - Display solutions

            - High level data integration

               - Simulation

                  - People tracking

                     - Unique Multi Vessel tracking

                        - SMART-VTM Systems

                           - Navigation

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